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Internet: Technical/Ethical

  • To help New York State K-12 school and library administrators understand and take advantage of a wide range of technology initiatives, NYSERNet - the organization that built the Internet in New York State - has developed a Web site called TIPS (Technology Information & Planning Site). TIPS will offer timely information on state and federal technology programs and plans. Initially focusing on the Universal Service Fund, NYSERNet's TIPS Web site will first provide educators and librarians with information that allows them to determine if their institutions are eligible to receive discounts and other grants as well as which services may be applicable.
  • Links to copyright information: Topics include general copyright, distance education, multimedia and electronic reserve.
  • CLN has created two collections of links to guidebooks and other resources to help you "get up to speed" or "keep up to date". There are plenty of topics to choose from, ranging from 'Beginner's Email' to 'High Bandwidth'.