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Teachers Resources
Do you ever get frustrated when searching for teaching resources on the Internet? There is simply too much information in Cyberland. Considering this, I have spent a great deal of time searching for the very best educational resources and listed them here. Explore this page as a tool for use in your classroom and for personal interest. Return to the homepage and sign up for Creative Classrooms' mailing list to be instantly notified of resource updates.
The Best Teacher Resources on the Internet:
  1. Access Excellence: Award-winning educational site.
  2. Apple Computer K - 12 Education Resources: Loads of resources.
  3. Beginner's Central: Teach your students how to use the 'Net.
  4. Classroom Compass: Science and Math teachers' resources.
  5. Classroom Connect Resources Station: Excellent resources.
  6. Community Learning Network: 5-star resource site for K-12 educators.
  7. Education Gateway: Great resources for students, teachers & parents.
  8. Educators Index: Hundreds of pertinent links.
  9. Educational Software: Thousands of titles, reviews.
  10. Educational Technology Resource Center: Software & references.
  11. Education Week: "America's Education Online Newspaper of Record."
  12. Education World: "Where educators go to learn." Tons of info.
  13. Eisenhower Nat'l Clearinghouse: Excellent resource for math teachers.
  14. ERIC: Educational Resources Information Center. Great info/links.
  15. EurekAlert: "Global gateway to the latest science and health news."
  16. Global Schoolhouse: Microsoft's education resources.
  17. Global Schoolnet Foundation: "Linking kids around the world."
  18. Guide to Free Educational Technology: Free software, literature, etc.
  19. Kaplan Online: SAT info plus great K - 12 resources.
  20. K. Schrock's Educator's Guide: In-depth resources for K-12.
  21. Learn Vocabulary: Grade specific word games and more.
  22. NASA Ed. Resources: Not only space flight, but many general links.
  23. NEA: Major information and links.
  24. Online Educator: Excellent online magazine.
  25. Public Education Network: Non-profit group with great resources.
  26. Teaching & Learning on the WWW: Search by subject + resources.
  27. Teachers Helping Teachers: A billion teachers freely offering info.
  28. Teaching with Electronic Technology: AAA site.
  29. The Awesome Library: Just what it says; teachers, students & parents.
  30. The Incredible Art Department: Art student/teacher dream site.
  31. The Mighty Media #1 rated site for technology in education.
  32. US Dept. of Education: Your tax dollars educating this great nation.
  33. Wilderness Challenge School: "The best in outdoor-based education."
  34. World Wide Art Resources: 3,000 categories of links.
  35. WWW FAQ's: Questions and answers about the Web.
  36. Ziff/Davis and Yahoo! Whole Web Catalog: Info about the Web.
  37. 21st Century Teachers: Cutting edge program for you to join.