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Teacher Resource Sites

  • The Global Schoolhouse is presented by Global Schoolhouse Foundation and sponsored by Microsoft Corporation. Includes The Connected Educator, The Connected Classroom and The Connected Learning Community.
  • Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Online is packed with both math and science information. Highlights include: the Digital Dozen, a monthly selection of exemplary Internet sites for teachers; the full text of the NCTM Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics; Resource Finder, a database of curriculum resources for math and science; and Innovator of the Month, a multimedia showcase of risk-taking teachers around the country who are exploring new territory with their K-12 students.
  • The ERIC database is the world's largest source of education information. The database contains more than 850,000 abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice. The ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation is pleased to announce a major update to their Search ERIC Wizard.
  • Teachers Helping Teaching is a teacher-operated, free service that offers lesson plans for teachers in all subject areas, a well-used Guest Book where teachers all over the world ask questions and make requests of each other, and a set of important educational links.
  • Teacher's Internet Pages includes the list of "hot sites" and the International Teacher and Administrator's E-mail List archives.
  • Hazel's Homepage-Resource for Educators has general web resources for professional development and pointers for curriculum planning sorted by subject area; a complete annotated list of places to find keypals, forums, mailing lists, Ask an Expert and projects; a list of sites and suggestions for integration contributed by teachers who are using the Internet in their classrooms; guidelines and resources for web page design; information and resources on videoconferencing; safe and educational kids' places; student work, projects, seasonal links and more.