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Creative Classrooms

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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in contributing to Creative Classrooms collection of quality lesson plans. We are always interested in expanding the collection and ask you to submit lesson plans, activities, or curriculum units which you think other educators would find useful. Once we receive your submission we will examine it and, if accepted, will be published in our collection - making it available to our worldwide audience!

You may submit your contribution by filling in the form below or by e-mailing it (including all of the elements listed below) to: Creative Classrooms

Rights Statement: Authors retain copyright ownership of resources submitted and accepted for publication in the Creative Classrooms Lesson Plan Collection. To ensure the quality of the collection, authors grant Creative Classrooms the unreserved right to perform minor editing of these resources as necessary. Resources in the Creative Classrooms Lesson Plan Collection are for individual classroom and non-profit educational use only.

Creative Classrooms Lesson Plan Submission Form

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