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Make Creative Classrooms Your Start Page
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3
Step 1
Print out these instructions because your view of this page may be hidden by another window while following them.
Step 2
Using your mouse click over the View command at the top of the browser. Select the Options option from the drop down box.
Step 3
Select the Navigation tab. Check that the Page option says Start Page in the Customize section.
Step 4
Type in in the Address box in the Customize section. If you need more help, follow these steps:
Position your mouse at the end of the text so you see the I bar.
Click the left mouse button and keep it depressed.
Gradually move your mouse to the left highlighting the text as you go.
Release the mouse button.
Press the Delete key on your keyboard.
Click over the Address box with your mouse.
Type in in the Address box.
Step 5
Click over the OK button. Click over the Home button at the top of your browser to go to Creative Classrooms.