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On-Line Projects

When I began compiling sites for the Projects page, I was amazed at the wealth of projects available on-line. Choosing which one you want your students to participate in may be one of the hardest decisions that you'll have to make as you browse through these sites. I have listed the K-12 sites that have a variety of projects first. The next section deals with individual projects. Not all of these projects may be active at the present time, but I have included them here as samples as they may give you some ideas on designing your own project.

Once again, please send me any sites for this Project page that I have not included. I also ask for your assistance in keeping me posted on any links that may be no longer active.

K-12 Projects

Individual Projects



This is a wonderful resource for those looking for projects! It is a listserv that brings a steady flow of great projects directly to your e-mail address when you join. There most definitely will be some for you to become involved in if you choose.


K-12 Projects

Chard: The Project Approach
The projects featured here are mainly collaborative studies of real world topics. Children do field work, develop personal interests in different aspects of the topic and pursue a variety of investigations. They represent their growing understanding in many ways through drawing, writing, designing graphs and charts, block construction and dramatic play.

Educational Projects

Descriptions of projects designed and implemented through the use of telecommunications. Students have the opportunity to participate in many projects resulting in worldwide contacts which foster greater global understanding. This site will get you started on your way to designing and implementing your own projects.

Electronic Emissary Home Page

This site is a way for people working in similar disciplines at different educational levels to find each other on the Internet, so that collaborations can be planned and implemented.

European Schools Project

The European Schools Project (ESP) is a project for promoting telecommunication between primary and secondary schools all over the world.

Global Heinemann

Global Online Adventure Learning Home Page

Explorers of all ages are invited to join this growing list of educational adventures with an emphasis on science, technology and nature.

Global SchoolNet's Internet Projects Registry

GrassRoots Projects


The International Education and Resource Network enables young people to undertake projects designed to make a meaningful contribution to the health and welfare of the planet and its people.

ILTweb: K-12: Index

Instructional Resources

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections

International Schools CyberFair 98: Share and Unite

Judi Harris' Network-Based Educational Activity Structures

Learning Together With the Internet: Teacher and Student Resources

NickNacks: Collaborative Education on the Internet

oz-TeacherNet Projects

Peter Lalor Secondary College Internet Projects


School Internet Projects

The Annenberg/CPB K-12 Math and Science Project

Think Quest

Turner Adventure Learning

Individual Projects

A World Wide Christmas Calendar

Flat Stanley Home Page

The Newsday Project

GLOBE - International Hands-On Science and Education

I Lost My Tooth

JASON Project


Mouse Trap Powered Vehicles Challenge!

Neptune Series: OceanEXPO Program Details

Pineapple Project Home Page

Postcard Geography

Reflections '97 - Internet Yearbook - Senior


Sailing thru Science

Save the Beaches Homepage

Scyberspace Scavenger Hunt

Space Settlement

Tales of Traditional Wisdom

The Monster Exchange Program

Travel Buddies

US Geological Survey: Ask-A-Geologist

World's Largest ... Cross Country Tour - Junior

YLP Exemplary Mini-Units, Fall 1994



Global Heinemann

Keypals Main Directory

KIDCAFE-SCHOOL: KIDLINK's School Keypals for Youth 10-15

KidNews Profiles

Looking for Keypals