Secondary Education Resources


A+ Research & Writing

The Internet Public Library provides this valuable and extensive guide to researching and writing a paper, using Web and library sources, "without going totally NUTS!" Available for download free.

Academic Year Weekend Programs

Learn about other cultures and their languages in an experience-filled setting. This is a thorough, well-organized, and entertaining site.

Academy of Achievement

The Academy of Achievement brings you pictures and stories of "legendary achievers" of the 20th century in areas such as arts, public service, sports, and science. It’s a diverse and interesting group. There’s also a section where you can hear achievers tell how important qualities such as passion and vision have been to them. (Slow, but there is a low bandwidth version.)

The Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking Website

This site gives you the resources to assess, analyze, research, organize, and deliver your speech. There’s also a chance for you to "Ask the Speech Doctor," read Notes from the Instructor, and take part in Public Speaking Forums.

Armadillo's WWW Server

A strong focus on education in the state of Texas for grades K-12. Many resources for both teachers and students.

Ask Dr. Science

A great site! Enables people to ask scientific questions, and participate in discussion through e-mail with Dr. Science. Nominated as "Cool Site of the Year" by People Magazine OnLine and InFinet!

The Awesome Library

This site organizes more than 10,000 reviewed web resources for parents, students, teachers, librarians, and community members. Specify which of these groups is yours, and enter a library structured just for you! A great resource! Education Gateway

Education Gateway is your entrance to learning help on the Net. It's very well organized, with areas for students, teachers, and parents where many sites of interest are described. There are discussion areas, help with the Internet and computer technology, search engines, much more. Check it out!

B'nai B'rith Youth Organization

This is a program that teaches leadership and encourages the study of Israel in the Jewish community.

Cells Alive

This is a great site to see cells in action. The topics (Anatomy of a Splinter, When a Cell Commits Suicide, This Strain Kills White Blood Cells, and others) have descriptions of each step of their process, and animated gifs and Quick Time movies to see actual cells! It's a really interesting place to see, up-close, what cells do.

Children's Express

Children's Express is "by children for everybody." With a wealth of news from six news bureaus, this site is packed with content. You can also participate in an electronic round table, submit your own story ideas, answer polls, and respond to articles. It's well done and well organized-- you will find lots to read and enjoy!


Put together by an academic counselor at Oklahoma State University, CollegePrep-101 is an excellent place to learn about going to college from people who are there: faculty, staff, and students. There are two dozen lessons including college terminology, transition to college, and choosing a major. Great stuff!

The Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway

This is a great site for links to resources in math and science for teachers and students, grades 9-12. Includes field trips and museums.

Discover the World With Nacel Open Door

Have you ever thought you might want to live and study in another country? Nacel Open Door has been setting up student exchange experiences for 40 years. This site, with sections for students, teachers, and parents, explains the program options, costs, and opportunities (and even includes a few games).


The Educational Resources Information Center is "a nationwide network that acquires, catalogs, summarizes, and provides access to education information from all sources." Check out AskEric, which answers questions for teachers, librarians, parents, and students.

Educational Outreach

Web site dealing with education topics, with lots of full text articles and links to many other sites.

EdWeb - Exploring Technology and School Reform

Andy Carvin has put together this site "to explore the worlds of educational reform and information technology," and he's done it very well. Among his topics: the potential role of WWW in the classroom, how to create your own web page, the information highway debate, and computers and kids. Great education links.

Global Schoolhouse Project

This project, partially funded by the National Science Foundation, was designed to connect classrooms using the Internet. It was completed in 1994, but is summarized here, complete with teaching tips. Participating teachers are on-line and may be contacted.

Inter-Campus Programs

Spring break travel programs are covered on this very focused site.

Internet 101

This is "A Guide For Those Who Want To Know 'Just Enough To Have Fun!' " Well organized and easy to read, Internet 101 provides good basic information and allows you to choose areas where you'd like to learn more. This would make a great tool for teachers and students.

K-12 Schools on the Web

If you are putting your school on the web and would like to look at what others have done, come here for links. Part of the Cornell Theory Center.

Kaplan Education Center

Kaplan offers downloadable test preparation software and many other helps for those facing ACT, SAT, and similar tests. This is a large site, much of it requiring registration and some of it requiring payment. Financial aid information and a free mensa test are also included

The Learning Bridge

"The online network for bay area high schools" is a huge site, well put together, and brimming with info and sites of interest to students and educators across the country.

The Lokke Study Center

Formerly "The Homeschool/Homework Study Center," this site has many helpful resource links to dictionaries, subject help, encyclopedias, libraries, museums, professors online, and more. If you need help with your homework, this is a good place to start.

Mad Scientist Network

Questions and answers on a huge range of scientific topics make this a great site for information on science. And if you don't find the answer you're looking for already here, ask a question of the mad scientist of your choice.

Mapping Your Future

This site has step-by-step information for 8th grade through college students and their parents. It covers choosing a career, selecting a college, obtaining financial aid, finding a job, and much more.

Ms. Smith's English Page

This is a resource page for Ms. Smith's eighth grade English classes in Weymouth, MA, but most of the information and all of the many links described here will be valuable to students and teachers of literature and writing regardless of location.

Neuroscience for Kids

This site contains activities and information for students and teachers who are interested in learning more about the nervous system.

NYE Labs Online

Bill Nye the Science Guy brings science to life by describing fun experiments kids can do with things around the house, helping them understand complex scientific theories in an easy to grasp way. Hands-on learning is a big focus, with a wide range of experiments and fun. Why didn't I have this guy for a science teacher?

Planned Break Activities

This site includes information on hotels, weekend breaks, activities for holidays, package vacations, and more. It includes a lot of information on saving money on these packages as well.

Project FIDIO: Forum for International Discussion of Issues On-line

This very professional looking site was developed by a group of high school students to provide a place for young people to express their opinions on topics of global importance. Still in its infancy, the site already provides articles, some submitted by readers and others reprinted from other sources, in such areas as Science and Technology and the Environment.

Project Galileo

A page dedicated to bringing information about the planet Jupiter and the Galileo Program to Earth.

This is a collection of topics and ideas for research papers. The topics index is searchable and there's also a writing center, research center, and chat. This is a great place to start if you're uncomfortable writing research papers or are having trouble finding a place to start.

SMG2000: The Stock Market Game

This is an "electronic simulation of Wall Street trading" where students in grades 4-12 form teams and invest $100,000. Tracking, buying, and selling, they learn about the stock market and related functions. Established in 1977 and now updated for Internet use, SMG offers teacher training in addition to the onsite glossary and FAQ.

School to Work Internet Gateway

Extensive information on state programs created by the School to Work Opportunities Act of 1994. Information on the act and how the programs are set up is also included. The School to Work Program is designed to bolster and enhance programs like career academies, youth apprenticeship, Tech Prep, and cooperative education.

Science/Nature for Kids

Part of The Mining Company, this Science and Nature for Kids site has a lot to offer. You can chat to other kids or teens, enjoy the weekly theme articles, or make use of the vast resources gathered here and indexed by subject. If you have a question not answered in The Nature Guide, you can "Ask the Nature Guy."

The Scout Report

The InterNIC Net Scout project at the University of Wisconsin provides here a valuable resource tool "to support effective use of the Internet by educators and researchers in the US." These folks provide Internet announcements updated daily and available in archive, explanations of the best Internet tools, and a KIDS section where K-12 students review sites.

The Site

The Site offers information and links to services relevant to young people in the UK. It's large, with annotated resources in a number of categories (education, health, housing, etc.) and a magazine section with news, fashion, music and other information of interest to those within and outside Great Britain.

Street Cents Online

Sponsored by the Royal Canadian Mint, this spot offers money management talk as it relates to teens. Pizza, fashion, sports, so many topics they offer their own search engine.

Study Web

Here's a huge research library of annotated links in 25 categories, bringing the resources of the Web to you quickly and easily. Grade level sorting and visual content notations will be helpful additions for teachers and students alike.

This is your "on-line study abroad information resource." Search by country or subject for academic, summer, and intensive language programs in more than 100 countries, plus related services and tips.

Taking Time Off

Should you take time off during or before college to work full-time, do community (or world community) service, or see the planet? This site tells you why you should, and even how you could. Lots of links and the chance to buy the book, endorsed by Ann Landers and others, that started this discussion.

The Tech Museum of Science

An online scientific playground for kids and adults, and a great way to learn about how technology impacts our lives. The interactive exhibits are a delight.

Test Prep

Take complete practice tests as you get ready for the SAT on this site, review answers and the reasons they're right or wrong, and figure out where your weak spots are. A great resource!


ThinkQuest is an international contest for students 12-19 years old. Under the direction of coaches and teachers, they build educational (and frequently exceptional!) Web sites. This site explains the program and gives examples of winning sites from past years.

UALR College of EducationOnline

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock's College of Education site is a marvelous resource for students, teachers, and parents. The authors have taken ERIC, broken it up into easy-to-use bits, and explained them all! The Libraries, Education Resources, and Parents sections are excellent. In Teacher Links, click on your area of study and bring up a substantial list of annotated links, plus a lesson plan section, and a number of special education categories. A winner!

Understanding Citizenship

The Kent School District Social Studies site offers a perspective on understanding citizenship through participation in changes. This site targets high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Where the Wild Things Are: A Librarian's Guide To the Best Information on the Internet

Who knows more about how to find information than your friendly librarian? Here Marylaine Block offers you a large Reference Desk, Hot Paper Topics, Faculty & Administration Resources, databases, full text sources, several ways to search, an award-winning guide on how to use the Web, and much more.

Who's Who Among American High School Students

Published by Educational Communications, Inc., this is the nation's largest recognition publication and program honoring high achieving high school students. Select the search option and display the Site Tree for a handy table of contents. You'll find information including college scholarship opportunities, the College Referral Service, the selection process, the Free Book Program, and more.

Youth For Understanding

Begun in 1951, Youth For Understanding is a nonprofit international student exchange program. This site offers information on becoming a YFU exchange student or host family and on volunteering in other ways. There are links to YFU sites from countries all over the world.