K-8 Education Links



1492: An Ongoing Voyage

This site features information on Columbus's historic voyage from the Library of Congress archives. Not much on graphics, but a lot of good information here.

3rd/4th Rules!

What a fun example of a classroom web site! Ms. Karr's 3rd/4th graders of Jefferson Elementary (WV) show you their stories, schedule, Net Projects, lunch menu, and more (all accessible from the "Teacher's Desk!").

ADD, ADHD, and Related Disorders

An article with links concerning attention deficit disorder from the viewpoint of Boy Scout and Cub Scout leaders.

AIMS Education Foundation

The Activities Involving Math and Science Education Foundation has put together this page. The Foundation publishes a magazine of math and science activities for teachers to use in the classroom. This online site doesn't have as much, but it does have a good puzzle section that anyone can access.

The Adventures of Space Dog

Space Dog's mission is to cruise cyberspace and find five fun sites for kids each week. He does a pretty good job. Check out his picks!

AFRO-Americ@: Kids Zone

This site has games, puzzles, and fables, many pertaining to Africa and African Americans. You can also find out a lot about the African continent. This is a good place to increase your child's appreciation for diversity.

Ahoy There! Kids in Boats

ANZSBEG (Australian New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group) offers this boating safety resource for students, teachers, and boaters of all sorts. There's some boating history with a South Pacific flavor, plus tide and weather information, swimming encouragement, teacher helps, a glossary, and more.

Animals, Myths & Legends

This is a great story site! There are myths and legends from Native Americans and Aboriginal peoples, as well as folk tales from Europe.

The Arc Home Page

The Arc is dedicated to helping children and adults who are mentally retarded. Their site has a search engine, discussion board, and e-mail address for specific questions. The place to go for info in this area.

Armadillo's WWW Server

A strong focus on education in the state of Texas for grades K-12. Many resources for both teachers and students.

Ask Dr. Science

A great site! Enables people to ask scientific questions, and participate in discussion through e-mail with Dr. Science. Nominated as "Cool Site of the Year" by People Magazine OnLine and InFinet!

Aunt Annie's Craft Page

A new child's craft each week, complete with patterns and instructions, and links to other craft sources.

BU's Interactive WWW Games

You can play Pegs, Tic-Tac-Toe, Hunt the Wumpus, Minesweep and others.

Bats, Bats Everywhere

Set up to teach kids about bats, this site has good information for all ages. Learn where and how bats live, how they help people, what myths about them are untrue, and much more. You can also play a bat game, take a bat quiz, and visit a bat cave.

Beakman's World Online

Science is FUN with Beakman. Experiments and information made entertaining!

BellSouth.net Education Gateway

Education Gateway is your entrance to learning help on the Net. It's very well organized, with areas for students, teachers, and parents where many sites of interest are described. There are discussion areas, help with the Internet and computer technology, search engines, much more. Check it out!

Berit's Best Sites for Children

A directory of more than 400 sites for kids, categorized and rated. Learning sites, games, chat sessions, and more are available, plus a list of links to other directories of kids' sites.

The Birmingham Zoo

You can visit ten of the most popular animals at the zoo in Birmingham, Alabama, and read all about them. Other neat features include one called Animal Omnibus. You pick a catagory, such as amphibians, and it brings up a list of amphibians with at least one link each to an amphibian information page.

Brain Teasers

There are fun puzzles and problems here for grades 3-4, 5-6, 7+. New puzzles are published each Thursday along with the answers to last week's. Pretty fun for parents, too.

Break the Cycle

David Brunk is cycling across the US to raise money for and awareness of Habitat for Humanity. This site has a map where you can track his progress since the trip began on September 7, 1997, a very interesting journal where he records the day's sights and happenings, and some art, writing, and math activities related to the trip.

The Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators

Supporting Montessori administrators and promoting standards of Montessori education are the goals of this site. It also provides Montessori information which would be helpful whether you’re already familiar with Montessori or not. There’s a newsletter, with archives, plus a list of Montessori resources.

Canadian WEB Kids

Meet and greet Canadian kids, learn more about Canada, enjoy riddles, contests, games and a link to "Free Stuff."

Candlelight Stories

Read a variety of children's stories, look at colorful illustrations, listen to music, and more. And you can have your own story published on Candlelight or display your artwork in the Candlight Gallery.

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site

This site is a collection of reviews of children's books and ways to use them in the classroom. You can look them up by title, author, type, or age, and browse them in catagories such as curriculum area, subject, and theme.

Cells Alive

This is a great site to see cells in action. The topics (Anatomy of a Splinter, When a Cell Commits Suicide, This Strain Kills White Blood Cells, and others) have descriptions of each step of their process, and animated gifs and Quick Time movies to see actual cells! It's a really interesting place to see, up-close, what cells do.

Chevron Cars

What a fun place for kids to play! Go first to the site map and run your mouse over the pictured areas for descriptions of what each part has to offer. There are games, puzzles, road adventures, and of course those cute Chevron Cars!

Children's Express

Children's Express is "by children for everybody." With a wealth of news from six news bureaus, this site is packed with content. You can also participate in an electronic round table, submit your own story ideas, answer polls, and respond to articles. It's well done and well organized-- you will find lots to read and enjoy!

Classics for Young People

Many links are offered here giving access to full-text children's classics.

Classroom Pet Exchange

This site gives you the chance to exchange your classroom pet (stuffed animal) and his journal (created by your students) with one from another area of the US or the world. The aims are to write creatively, to learn about children in other situations or cultures, and to have fun. Don't miss the letters from teachers who are doing this activity.


"The Interactive Magazine for Today's Kids!" is offered for subscription here. Online you can meet the characters, read excerpts of past issues, review the magazine's sections, and learn about the people who bring Club-Z to life. The site also offers related links and an educational products shopping section.

Comcast Online Schoolyard

This is an excellent learn and play site for elementary and middle schoolers. It has current news and learning features and tons of annotated links to fun and informative sites all around the Web.

The Comic Strip

See Nancy, Peanuts, Marmaduke, Jump Start, and more.

The Computer Teacher's Resource Page

This is a help for anyone interested in using computers to teach elementary school children. The author believes these links can be used in creating classroom projects for students. There are some really good links: more learning-intensive than some lists, with less fluff.

Creative Writing For Kids

The Mining Company's Creative Writing site offers a variety of activities, advice, and sites of interest to budding writers. The guide for this section divides her content to make it age appropriate for younger or older (up to 15) kids. Send in your work for editing suggestions, or for publication.


Dedicated to kids' creativity and community worldwide, this site offers young people a chance to enjoy each other's writing, art, and music. Books, games, contests--a great spot for kids.

Dole 5-A-Day Homepage

A colorful and fun look at nutrition, especially the recommendation to eat five fruits or vegetables a day. Includes a kid's cookbook and help for teachers.

Dyslexia: the gift

This site asks and answers the question "What's the positive side of dyslexia?" It pertains to the special abilities that many dyslexic people exhibit.

Dyslexia Archive

A list of famous people who have dyslexia is only one of the resources on this site, which includes a huge amount of information about this common learning disability.

ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center

The Educational Resources Information Center is "a nationwide network that acquires, catalogs, summarizes, and provides access to education information from all sources." Check out AskEric, which answers questions for teachers, librarians, parents, and students.

Early Childhood Educators' and Family Web Corner

This is a great site for teachers and parents. Article titles include: "Making the Most of a Conference with Your School Principal", " What Age is Appropriate?" and " Worksheet Blues". There's information on the education debate, plus family pages and teacher pages, and a search engine.

Education Place

Houghton Mifflin has created a great spot for kids and educators K-8. It has centers for math, reading, and social studies with lessons and links. Also a project center and parents' place. Visually appealing and user friendly.

Educational Resource

Steck-Vaughn Publishing offers this site to parents and educators of K-12 children as a source of their educational materials. They include a Frequently Asked Questions section and resource sites for teachers.

EdWeb - Exploring Technology and School Reform

Andy Carvin has put together this site "to explore the worlds of educational reform and information technology," and he's done it very well. Among his topics: the potential role of WWW in the classroom, how to create your own web page, the information highway debate, and computers and kids. Great education links.

Electronic Zoo

Want to learn about your pet, or what it takes to become a veterinarian? These questions and more are answered in simple terms on this neat, fun site. Also includes information on caring for pets, so parents have a reason to visit as well.

Flints and Stones: Real Life in Prehistory

The British Museum of Antiquities takes kids on a virtual trip to the Stone Age in this appealing site, which also relates ancient history to today's world, making it more real.


Here are some free, fun learning activities for preschool, kindergarten, and grades one and two. Cool graphics and sound add to the fun, and the games are updated regularly.

Games Kids Play

Here on the newest medium in town, you can find the rules to the oldest games in the neighborhood. So far Kick the Can, Red Rover, and a dozen others are included. You are invited to contribute more.

GeoNet Game

Houghton Mifflin's geography game allows a choice of heavy or light graphics as well as easy or difficult questions in a number of categories.

Giftedness and the Gifted: What's It All About?

Clarifies this widely misinterpreted term; a great starting resource.

A Girl's World

This fun, personable site is designed for girls. It's set up as a clubhouse, with hosts, games and activities, and profiles of positive female role models. A great, fun site with a strong message that girls can be anything they want to be.

Global Schoolhouse Project

This project, partially funded by the National Science Foundation, was designed to connect classrooms using the Internet. It was completed in 1994, but is summarized here, complete with teaching tips. Participating teachers are online and may be contacted.

The Global Show-n-Tell Museum

Kids through age 17, you can send your artwork to Global for internet display, and they will tell you how to do it!


Kids can learn a lot about various geographic regions and features of earth on this fun and educational site, which allows kids from participating schools to post messages to one another.

The Great American Landmarks Adventure

The National Park Service, The History Channel, and The American Architectural Foundation offer 3000 years of U.S. history through word and picture. Learn how national landmarks are chosen and visit 43 of them, each with a brief history and an artist's drawing to print and color. Includes a teacher's guide.

Hands On Children's Museum

Interactivity to the max. This site has a great wildlife game, a searchable database of leaves contibuted by kids like you, tree jokes, and a list of suggested books about the forest. Fun and interesting!

Helping Your Highly Gifted Child

Shares the experiences of other parents of gifted children, offers suggestions, and talks about areas of concern shared by parents of gifted children.

The History Channel

The History Channel offers lessons on everything from Martin Luther King Jr. to lesser-known historical figures and events. Includes both world and US history. A good source for kids, parents, and teachers.

Humboldt Elementary School

This is a good example of a quality website produced by an elementary school. Their mission, plans, history, handbook, and calendar of events are included. There are links for parents, students, and teachers, as well as information on athletics, staff, classroom activities, and more.

Immersion in Music

This University of New Mexico project is designed to introduce K-12 students to music from around the world: rock bands from Russia, classical and even rap music from different cultures.

Increase the Peace

This site, part of the Ben and Jerry's Web site, focuses on teaching non-violent approaches to conflict. A neat resource that can help kids learn conflict management skills.

International Kids' Space

This interactive, educational site helps kids learn about science, transportation, animals, the Internet, and more. There are frequent invitations to create and submit artwork, stories, and more. There's also an area where kids can talk to other kids. A definite winner.

The Jason Project

This project was started by Dr. Robert Ballard (the guy who found the Titanic) because he wanted to invlove kids in his explorations. Interactive programs are broadcast during the annual scientific exploration, which is the focus of a curriculum for grades 4 through 8. There are places for kids to connect with other students, teachers, schools, and organizations, and an area to learn about the technology.

Joan Irvine: The Pop-up Lady

Joan Irvine, Canadian teacher and author of pop-up books, shares here the story of her work, pictures and descriptions of her books, and great step-by-step illustrated directions for making your own pop-up card. Her clear, relaxed, and friendly style is a joy!

K-4 Resources

Part of the SCORE mathematics site, this is a listing of helpful resources for the teacher or parent of primary school math students. Each Web site linked is fully described.

K-12 Resources for Music Educators

This site has many resources and links for music educators and students in all levels of education.

K-12 Schools on the Web

If you are putting your school on the web and would like to look at what others have done, come here for links. Part of the Cornell Theory Center.

Kel's MicroKite Site

Sort of science, sort of fun: this site teaches how to build tiny, dime-sized kites that fly indoors on tiny filaments.

Kid Info

This is a site by kids for kids. This 4th and 5th grade class project was designed to be a "homework helper site". The page has loads of links to curriculum-related topics and information. There are also links for parents and teachers.


This is a place for kids to read other kids' stories and publish their own online. New stories, old stories, and a handy search tool for all stories on file.

Kids' Space

Available in English and Japanese, this site offers kids the chance to share their work and find e-mail pals for individuals and classes.

Kid's Window

This appealing site is dedicated to helping kids learn about Japan, including its languages, crafts, and stories.


"An educational and entertaining Electronic Playground for kids ages 4 to 15," this site offers Spanish, French, and Dutch versions as well as English. Kids can write stories, talk to "Key Pals," play games, learn crafts, etc. There is a companion parent/teacher site.

Knowledge Adventure

This site contains information about the company's products, but it also has a great interactive online encyclopedia with lots of information. There's an image archive as well, containing a number of wildlife pictures. The images are pretty big, so if you're bandwidth impaired, beware!

LD Online

This site offers a wealth of information regarding learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. You can be kept up-to-date on current events, locate help nationally and by state, participate in discussion groups, and more. What a find!

Learning Assistance

The University of Arizona's Learning Center describes "Learning to Learn." Their home page is also full of descriptions/missions.

Macintosh Educator's Site

This page features lesson ideas, exercises, and more for language, performing arts, science, and math for grades K-12.

Mad Scientist Network

Questions and answers on a huge range of scientific topics make this a great site for information on science. And if you don't find the answer you're looking for already here, ask a question of the mad scientist of your choice.

Montessori for Moms

Montessori for Moms is a collection of many of Sibyl Carroll's popular training guides for home schooling with the Montessori method. These lesson plans are considered suitable for home schooling and classroom teaching.

Montessori World

Montessori World is dedicated to providing information on the Montessori teaching method. It includes resources, job listings, information, teachers associations, parent associations, and more. Mostly text-based, but well laid out and easy to follow.


A virtual community for kids online; this site allows kids to "build" things in their community, and helps them help others get started. What they're really learning to do is object-oriented programming. Wow.

Mrs. Bogucki's Third Grade Class

Mrs. Bogucki's students and their parents are fortunate to have this great place to catch up on classroom events, homework requirements, and the writing and artwork of class members. For the rest of us, there are teaching and kids' links, games, and word searches that are fun even if they're not your spelling words this week!

National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children

The foundation was created to get resources and sources of informatoin to the parents of gifted children. One particular focus is supplementing the resources available in the school system, which are often inadequate to serve the educational needs of gifted children

Neuroscience for Kids

This site contains activities and information for students and teachers who are interested in learning more about the nervous system.

Nurturing Giftedness in Young Children

How to balance socialization and education in gifted children; a great resource for parents.

NYE Labs Online

Bill Nye the Science Guy brings science to life by describing fun experiments kids can do with things around the house, helping them understand complex scientific theories in an easy to grasp way. Hands-on learning is a big focus, with a wide range of experiments and fun. Why didn't I have this guy for a science teacher?

Optimizing National Education

The nonprofit O.N.E. group offers here a free k-6 science curriculum, including at least 32 weeks of instruction for each of these seven levels. In addition, there are general education articles, program reviews from science teachers and associations, test results, and more.

Pack 787 Summerville South Carolina

If you’re into Cub Scouting , you’ll want to check out the work of Pack 787. Events, links, scouting news, and pack information abound here, along with Scout Chat and a great Java Room where animated knots and the Cub Scout Quiz are found.

Pitsco's Ask An Expert

A huge list of references for experts in many subjects on the Internet, including e-mail addresses and contact information. If you need to ask an expert a question, this is the place to find a person in the know.

The Prince And I

This is a cool site where kids can have their own home page free and get stories through email. The "prince" quit school and doesn't know how to read or write. He learns by watching you!

Project Galileo

A page dedicated to bringing information about the planet Jupiter and the Galileo Program to Earth.

Reasons for Homeschool

A compilation of reasons to home-school your children, collected from AOL postings.

Room 14-A

This is the website of a 4th grade class in Vineland, NJ. It's a good example of what can be done in a classroom situation. Room 14-A has a great introduction to the students and teacher and includes lessons, brain games, puzzles, and a place for you to send a dynamite postcard.

The Scholastic Network

This site features many resources for kids and teens, including online books, games, quizzes, and news from the Global Kids reporters.

Science Friday Kids Connection

All kinds of fun and interesting experiments help kids learn about a huge variety of science topics. We couldn't get enough of this site, which is an online companion to National Public Radio's weekly show. And kids aren't the only one who'll enjoy the site. Trust us on this one!

Space City Homepage

This site details a space exploration simulation program set up for 4th graders in the Coshocton, Ohio, public schools. Detailed in word and picture, it looks like an excellent effort with great student interest and involvement.


This is a great spot for you and your child to learn about astronomy together. One part, the High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center, is pretty advanced in its study of X-ray and gamma-ray technology, but it's well done and allows you to ask questions of professional high-energy astronomers. A nice feature is the linking of possibly unfamiliar words to a glossary entry.

Statistics for K-12 Students

Lessons and useful information for teaching statistics to students in grades K-12. Nice breakout of information.

Study Web

Here's a huge research library of annotated links in 25 categories, bringing the resources of the Web to you quickly and easily. Grade level sorting and visual content notations will be helpful additions for teachers and students alike.


Online reviews of children's software for parents, teachers, and kids. A neat resource.

Surfing the Net with Kids

Barbara J. Feldman reviews several great related sites each week for newspapers across the country. This site contains those excellent reviews, available by topic or chronologically. This is a wonderful source of interesting material on the Web, whether you’re surfing with kids or not!

Tales of Wonder

Many full-text fairy and folk tales from countries around the world, plus links to other stories. This is a wonderful spot for young readers.

The Tech Museum of Science

An online scientific playground for kids and adults, and a great way to learn about how technology impacts our lives. The interactive exhibits are a delight.

Thai Students On-Line

This site tries to give you "a clearer insight into what life is like for children in Thailand," complete with a chance to ask questions of Thai students. There’s lots of information, in word and picture, on the country’s language, culture, and economy. This fun site also lets you visit a Thai school and a Thai home, learn about scouting in Thailand, and more.

This is MegaMathematics!

Under the auspices of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, MegaMath attempts "to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms so that young people and their teachers can think about them." Some very interesting projects, and they'd be fun for older students as well!


This is "The Smart Way to Shop for Kids' Software" and allows you to search 2500 titles by age and topic. The site offers reviews of educational products by leading software critics, feature articles, award winners and member picks, and demos so you can try before you buy (on site, of course!).

Underachieving Gifted Students

Many gifted children don't perform up to their potential academically. This is an extremely frustrating situation (for parents and teachers alike). This site offers support and suggestions for remedying this problem.


A WebTopic is "a collection of web site reviews, centered around a theme." Among 20 topics completed so far are Astronomy, Egyptian Archaeology, pets, and invention. In addition to lengthy reviews of lots of related sites, each WebTopic offers books, tapes, and other resources to fill out a unit of study. This is part of a larger site which also includes lots of reviewed home schooling sites, book reviews, and more.

Welcome to the White House

This is an attractive and informative site featuring portraits and information on past and present presidents, a White House tour, government information, much more. A great place to go with your kids.

Wildheart's The Wishupons

The Wishupons are characters who help children's dreams come true. You can write to them, read about them, download projects--all in an attempt to foster healthy self-images in kids.

World Kids Network

World Kids network is a colossal site for kids, by kids. (OK, by kids and a few adults.) Be sure to check out the Site Overview before you begin your journey. This is a huge cyber-playground.


WorldVillage is a large family-friendly site, with activities, articles, chat, much more. The Kidz section includes games, an interactive playhouse, E-Cards, comics, and puzzles. There’s also a Strictly Girl Stuff section and, of course, one For Boys Only! The Idea Box contains great sections for parents and educators of preschool and primary children, including a long list of sources for coloring pages and other activities, and a much-used Teacher Message Board.


This is the Yahoo web guide for kids. Kids can find information on art, sports, cultures, acedemics, and games. It's set up just like the regular Yahoo, so it's easy to use.

You Can with Beakman and Jax

A great spot for kids to play, Beakman's has the answers to 50 terrific questions, interactive demos (shockwave required), and more.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Kids will love all the "dirt" on worms and crawling behind the walls with Rodney the Roach at this site. Very cool!


There’s interesting information about some of your favorite animals at the Virtual Petting Zoo on this commercial site. Also check out Guess Who I Am where you look at part of a picture and name the animal it portrays. Great on-rushing tiger sequence on the first page!