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History of Math:

An exciting web-based trivia hunt!

Browse the seven math history links below, then use them to solve the A-Z math trivia worksheet at the bottom of this page. Have fun! Teacher Instructions

1. History of Mathematics Articles- A page containing several interesting articles on different aspects of math history.
2. Math Constants- A fun page whose main purpose in life seems to be confusing the reader with hundreds of formulas, diagrams, etc! It does have some interesting explanations for the constants common in math, however.
3. Mac-Tutor History of Math Homepage- An excellent page with biographies on hundreds of famous mathemeticians, as well as a search feature to make finding information simple.
4. Math History Page- A page with information on many famous methemeticians, including a visual timeline of mathemeticians from 1500 B.C. through the present.
5. Archimedes Page- The name says it all.
6. Women in Mathematics- An interesting page with biographies on many influential women mathemeticians.
7. Newtonia- An in-depth page about Newton, covering everything from where he was born to the contents of his house when he died.

Try your luck at the A-Z worksheet!

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