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Technology Planning

Guidebooks, lessons etc.

Equipment purchases

Internet Service Providers

Computer problems


Help - modems, connections etc

Guidebooks, lessons etc.

Take this online tour of educational aspects of the Internet, particularly relevant to WA based educators.

Online Internet tutorials via Sunrise Laboratories at RMIT. Very suitable for teachers and maybe for high school students also. They also produce a CD ROM for $10 which includes these tutorials, plus much more. Exceptional value.

Roadmap 96 Home page - Internet lessons. Excellent, comprehensive lessons via email and the WWW.

Getting started - Internet, World Wide Web and Cyberspace guides via Telstra.

Online Internet training via Oz-TeacherNet.

Learning with the Internet - developed by the Victorian Directorate of School Education. This program aims to assist teachers to integrate into the school curriculum learning activities and experiences that are available through use of the internet.

An excellent Australian based, web publishing guide.

TOURBUS is a virtual tour of the best of the Internet, delivered by e-mail

Common Internet File Formats - useful for finding out how to open and view particular types of files.

Here is a dictionary of Internet terms (via Sunrise Lab at RMIT), and their glossary. Visit another overseas glossary here.

The Unofficial Internet Book List is a bibliography of books about the Internet, its users, software, hardware, use and abuse. It currently indexes more than 530 books. Or via anonymous FTP:

Absolute Resource is an awesomely complete collection of every technology associated with Web design and presentation. These long pages load fast because they are image free. Navigate through major categories of "Creation", "Refining", "Options", and "Kitchen Sink" subdivided into hundreds of individual links to definitive sources at other sites. The value here is in the organization and centralization of these resources.


A good source of Internet software available locally is through cleo, a computer at Murdoch University. Also accessable via a File Transfer Client (FTP client) such as Fetch (Mac), or WS-FTP (PC).

A huge collection of software can be found at

The similarly large Tucows collection.

Internet software resources from I-Net, the on-line version of

Most Internet Service Providers (ISP's), see below, also provide software via their own sites.

Need a plugin for Netscape? You should find it at Browserwatch.

Internet Service Providers.

To find out more about local and eastern states ISP's try the Australian ISP list.

Help - modems, connections etc.

iiNet's help page.
iiNet's Modem help page
Probably everything you wanted to know about modems

Technology Planning.

Education Department of WA

The Technology Coordinator's Homepage: provides a great deal of information on technology integration for schools (K-12, and technical or community colleges). The entire site is devoted to implementing technology into all classes. It has a very detailed description, step by step, of planning and integrating such a program.

This is worth a visit for those wanting information on School Technology Planning:

Technology Coordinator's Resource Center: Internet resources that would be of interest to a technology coordinator.

The Technology Coordinator's Bookmarks Page

The Rinaldi Guide to netiquette:

Computers as Tutors: SOLVING THE CRISIS IN EDUCATION, by Frederick Bennett, Ph.D. An online book on using technology more effectively in education.

For those wanting to know all about video conferencing with CuSeeMe.

Acceptable use policies - from Schoolsnet Australia Pty Ltd

Equipment purchases.

As part of the Education Network Australia initiative a joint Commonwealth, State and Territory Working Party has been developing a purchasing arrangement for personal computers for educational institutions. The results of the process, including prices and supply arrangements, are now available at

This guide should give you some feel for prices, etc, but it would be a good idea to shop around locally to see what is on offer.

Computer problems.

Computer Virus Help Desk
The School PC Web site
Glossary- online dictionary of computing terms